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Our company FONDAL SA was born in 2001 after the third
family generation inherited the vocation of providing
transportation services general freight truck in medium and long distance.
In this way he knew combine the vast experience in the field,
which two generations conferred previous, with a fresh,
agile and dynamic business idea that provides the younger generation.
Our main motivation is to assist in the development and solid growth
and sustained, both of our clients, through a personalized service and quality
according to your needs; as well as our
collaborators and small carriers or truck owners
who want to join our fleet, making available
our technical capacity and business experience.


Provide distinctive integral logistics
and heavy transport solutions according
to the needs of the client (small and
medium-sized companies)


Generate sustained growth,
focused on constant effort
to meet the needs of
our customers


+ Equity of conditions
+ Humanization
+ Transparency
+ Seriousness
+ Evolvability
+ Dynamism
+ Flexibility

We are a company of the Grupo Fondal